Shed Installations


H.I.P. manufacturers pre-fabricate our products. The walls are already framed and sided and windows and doors are positioned when the unit is built. In some cases, the floors are also pre-fabricated. Shingles, roof decking, and cement blocks are supplied by the manufacturer. All materials are inspected and prepared for the crew to pick up.


You will pick up the products each day from the manufacturer or yard in your area. With your load secured, you will deliver and install the product on the customer’s site. The customer is responsible for preparing the site as specified by our written specifications and as discussed with our customer service representatives. When you arrive at the customer’s location, the site will be marked with flags and ready for you to begin your installation with little to no site preparation.


H.I.P. Installer Trailer & Tool Program


H.I.P. has a trailer and tool program to help outfit potential installers who may not have the required tools. For as little as $99 a week, our crews get a $15,000 equipment package that includes the following:


  • A gas-powered air compressor
  • 250’ of pneumatic air hose
  • Mounted hose reel
  • (3) Bostitch 6P pneumatic nails guns
  • (3) Bostitch staple guns
  • (1) Bostitch 12P pneumatic spike gun
  • (6) 30’ ratchet type load str ap s
  • Staging planks
  • Staging brackets
  • (1) wheeled wall-carrying dolly


The best part of the trailer and tool program is you will own all the equipment in 36 months and a large portion of your payments will be refunded to you.


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