Installing for H.I.P.


Attention Subcontractors: Send us your email and phone number by clicking here: and you will be contacted by a member of our recruitment team.

Installing for H.I.P. means that you can be your own boss and grow your business without the hassle of selling your own services or spending the c ap ital and time advertising or marketing yourself. It also means that you are not fronting thousands of dollars for material or spending weeks chasing payments.


Our services are sold through national and regional retail, home improvement and home and garden centers. When you install for H.I.P., you never have to sell products, provide bids or complete estimates. Instead, you are able to focus your energy on what you do best . . . build and install. At H.I.P. we also understand the financial challenges many small businesses face, which is why we pay our installers weekly and even offer a direct deposit program. Our marketing partners display and sell the products, process the order and collect payments.


We have a professional and highly organized customer service team. Our customer service representatives schedule all work and regularly communicate with our customers in preparation for you to install our products . You are strictly responsible for installing the customer’s product and providing superior workmanship and customer service. The demand for H.I.P. home products provides nearly year-round installations and all pay for work is made weekly.


H.I.P. installs a variety of products across a large geogr ap hic area in the Northeast. The materials and tools that you will be required to have depends on the product you’ll install.


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